It’s no joke. Most of the beginners we teach can do a full circle after the first session…


… and start mastering the basic tricks during the second one!



Will you teach me, too?


You bet we will. We love doing that, and we teach everyone including mothers, fathers, wives, kids and grandpas. You don’t have to be an athlete to start, as wakeboarding is particularly beginner-friendly.
Our staff is here to help you.

Why is it better to start in a full-size cable park?


Most cable parks have two towers. We’ve got seven, which makes us a full-size park, and you can go round and round again.
With a little effort at the start, you’ll be learning how to do turns, which are way more comfortable in a full-size cable park. Your goal is to stay on the board and not fall down at the end of the first exercise. When you achieve that, here come the figures.

Training plan.


Practice makes perfect. We’ve mastered our vision of mastering wakeboarding together with our friends at Wake Way cable park in Vilnius.

No reservations.


One of the perks of our park is the no reservation system. ‘Come and wake’ is our motto! Some 100 wakeboarders can enjoy our park at the same time, so we’re kind of perfect for big groups of friends.

What does the weatherman say?


The weathermen of the world are unanimously stunned – there’s no bad weather in cable parks. We’re not afraid of the rain, we start our season early, and we finish when it’s about to start freezing. All in all, wakeboarding is perfect for Lithuanian climate.
When chilly, adrenaline and wetsuits are what keep us going. We can rent you one if you don’t have a personal wetsuit, and you can buy one on site in the BoardSports store.

Bring your friends and family.


We’ve made sure everyone can have a great time in the park or right next to it.
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